There is an atmosphere of rebellion and rebellion in Ribble Valley – they are not happy in this rural area.

On Wednesday, like the rest of Lancashire, They will exit the national lockdown And in the most stringent procedures in England.

Many here are angry that they are grouped at level 3, though Covid-19 Cases are well below the national average.

Conservative local lawmaker Nigel Evans is disappointed that the government has placed his constituency under the most stringent measures.

Bashall Barn hasn’t hosted a wedding since March. Since the start of the epidemic, owners believe they have lost more than a million pounds and that being at level 3 will only add to that.

Rebecca Barnes, wedding director, says 80% of their family business comes from events.

She said, “We are facing at least 12 months of no income at all, and when we employ as many people as possible, we are very fortunate to have a vacation, but the vacation only lasts until March.”

“We are unlikely to see a wedding until May and June at the earliest.

“We are not sure what will happen to all of us.”

Weddings have not taken place at Paschal Barn since March

Barnes added, “It’s really hard and scary not to know what the future holds.

“Not only to us as a business, but personally as well. It seems totally unfair.”

Rebecca Barnes predicts it to be next summer before she can host a wedding again
Rebecca Barnes predicts it to be next summer before she can host a wedding again

Joseph’s industrial laundry business relies on the hospitality sector to run.

Without it, his financial resources will deteriorate.

He told Sky News: “We have more than 20 thousand pounds of linen sat here, which has not moved for months due to the closure and I do not see that it will change any time soon.”

“Politicians in London are not bringing us here. We are a small start-up company that is fighting through this pandemic and they are letting us escape loopholes.”

Joseph is counting on the hospitality sector - which is shutting down but shutting down
Joseph is based on the hospitality sector, which has almost closed

He added, “We were supposed to have 10 other new starters starting here after the first closure to service some of the contracts that we got.”

We had to turn around and say, ‘Sorry, this won’t happen anymore,’ because we went back to the caste system, then the lockdown for a month and back to the level system, and we can’t do it like this. ”

Joseph & # 39; s laundry works were not used;  s for months
Joseph’s laundry business hasn’t been used for months

Mr. Evans has been a Member of Parliament in the field for 28 years.

He is frustrated and disappointed with the government’s recent decision and has the support of many of his constituents, even if they know that the decision to be at Level 3 has been made.

It’s really frustrating that Ribble Valley, Chorley, Lancaster and some other rural areas, have really low rates, and treating the entire Lancashire as one unit I think is totally wrong, “he said.

“Yes, we have the data that we can look at, but what we need now is a political nuance.”

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