This is what the markets will live for: Countdown to the holidays
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The new week will include macroeconomic data from Poland and the world. It is worth paying attention to the central banks of our region and the economic situation in the West.

Monday June 21

The opening of the week will not come with many reports. At 10:00, the Central Statistics Office will report industrial production for the month of May and prices of sold production. Similar to last month, the annual dynamics are likely to be high, which correlates with a lower base impact in 2020.

On Monday, there may be leaks in the media from the weekend meeting of the European Central Bank’s Board of Governors, who over the weekend invaded a village outside Frankfurt, quietly rethinking the eurozone’s central strategy. Bank.

Tuesday June 22

Another day, more data from the Polish economy. This time, the Central Bureau of Statistics will report on construction production and assembly, retail sales and economic conditions (10:00).

At 2 pm it is worth paying attention to the decision of the Hungarian National Bank – there is no shortage of speculation that nephews will decide to raise interest rates (or convey the possibility of raising them more clearly), which is related to high inflation rates exceeding 5% at Lake Balaton.

The #GPWInnovationDay webinar will begin at WSE. The event will run until June 24.

Wednesday 23 June

Wednesday will bring preliminary PMIs for the world’s leading economies. The review will cover Japan (02:30), France (09:15), Germany (09:30), the eurozone (10:00), Great Britain (10:30) and the United States (15:45).

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In Poland, consumer confidence indicators (10:00) will be in the spotlight. In the afternoon, it is worth watching another central bank of our region – this time the Czechs will decide interest rates, who have also indicated the possibility of starting a cycle of rate hikes in recent weeks.

Thursday 24 June

At 10:00 we will see the reading of the German Ifo index. At the same time, the Central Statistical Office will publish the statistical bulletin for May, in which, among other things, we will find data on the registered unemployment rate or inflation expectations for Poles. 13:00 is the moment for the announcement of the Bank of England’s decision.

At 14:00 NBP will provide data on the money supply. The Americans will take the stage from 14:30 – mainly due to the final GDP data for the second quarter. In the US, reports on durable goods orders (14:30) and the number of jobless claims (14:30) will also be released.

Friday 25 June

The last working day of the week will bring data on core inflation in Japan (01:30), consumer confidence in Germany (08:00) and UK retail sales (12:00).

In the US, the week culminates with data on US income and spending (14:30) and their inflation expectations (16:00).