There are believed to be approximately 3,000 active Corona Virus Cases are across Gloucestershire, according to a study that tracked asymptomatic cases of the virus.

New data From studying COVID symptoms, An application that tracks people who have symptoms of the virus across the country, indicates that 353,198 Britons are currently infected with “symptoms of Covid”, as of 5 am today (Sunday 20 December).

The map relies on requests from users to document their symptoms, so that it is able to track active cases where symptoms appear.

The study currently estimates that there are 2,883 active cases of the virus in all areas of Gloucestershire.

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The only area in the county still subject to Level 3 restrictions, South Gloucestershire, has the highest number of projected cases, with 924.

Gloucester is currently believed to be the next worst-affected area with 643 cases, followed by Cheltenham with 388.

The Cotswold District has the comfortably lowest number of cases, with 118 – the only district believed to have fewer than 200 cases.

Although not having most cases, the Gloucester area already has the highest rate of active cases in the county, at 5,015 per million people – the only area with an incidence over 3,500.

The rate in each region is calculated by taking the number of active symptom cases as a percentage of the number of people participating in the study, and extrapolating this to find the number of cases that will be persistent in an area with one million people.

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Cheltenham, Dean Forest and South Gloucestershire all have similar rates of over 3,000 cases, with 3,349, 3,492 and 3,299 active cases per million respectively.

In addition to having the fewest cases, Gloucestershire also has the lowest case rate, at 1,347 cases per million.

These new numbers come the next day The government confirmed drastic changes to ease restrictions over Christmas, Which leaves people across the country facing a completely different celebration from the one they had planned under the old rules.

Current active states throughout Gloucestershire

The heat map shows the estimated levels of active states across Gloucestershire

The total number of people currently estimated to have contracted Covid-19 in each area of ​​Gloucestershire is as follows, as of 5 am today (Monday November 9), with the infection rate per million people in parentheses:

These numbers take into account the estimated cases that include patients who have not been tested for Covid-19, which is why in some cases, they differ from the actual number of confirmed cases. By Public Health England.