Eddie Izzard received huge acclaim after he asked to be referred to as “she” and “she” during his TV appearances.

The 58-year-old sat as a model for Best Portrait Artist from Sky Arts on Thursday, and contestants are expected to portray the comedian.


The 58-year-old appeared in Sky Arts Best Portrait ArtistCredit: Sky Arts

During the show, Eddy asked if the pronouns “she” and “she” could be used to describe them, confirming that they are “fluid between the sexes.”

Viewers were delighted with the TV’s “groundbreaking” moment, flooding Twitter with positive reactions to the show.

Eddie explained, “This is the first program that I asked if I could be her and her, a little transition.

“People just assume, well, they knew me from before … I am bisexual. I just want to be on girl status from now on.”

Eddie asked to indicate the use of female pronouns


Eddie asked to indicate the use of female pronounsCredit: Sky Arts

Fans have praised the TV character in the days after the show aired, and they sent messages of support over the weekend.

One viewer began “Watch Eddie on Best Portrait Artist of the Year”. “She is a cool and intelligent person.”

Another agreed: “I found out that Eddie Izzard is now using her pronouns. I love you, Eddie. Thank you for being a pioneer.”

A third agreed, “Good for Eddie Izard and he asks for pronouns to be used publicly.” “As far as I can collect, she is not a transgender woman. She is fluid between the two sexes, but she prefers the feminine pronoun. Good for her.”

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Fans have taken to Twitter to support the comedian


Fans have taken to Twitter to support the comedianCredit: Getty Images – Getty

A fourth observer concluded: “I just saw the best portrait artist of the year with Eddie Izzard. It was her / her first public outing (sexual fluids), how refreshing it is.”

Fans also defended the star from trolls who shared their aversion to accepting the brave star.

One wrote: “The number of people who suffer from a phobia of metamorphosis toward Eddie Izard using her pronouns is appalling.

“People can use whatever pronouns they feel comfortable with and the only thing you have to do is respect that. Being kind isn’t difficult.”

Last year, Eddie requested to be described as “she” while receiving an honorary degree at Swansea University.

The press release from the ceremony described Eddie’s use of female pronouns, with a university spokesperson clarifying: “We asked Eddie to use her pronouns.”

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