On the Monday Evening Record, the British read that Boris Johnson was spotted on a bike at Olympic Park in East London on Sunday afternoon. The park is located just over 7 miles from Downing Street’s premier residence.

The newspaper wrote that the prime minister is concerned about the number of people who visited the park on Sunday. However, opposition Labor politicians accused Johnson of using double standards and breaking government restrictions on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

A spokesman for Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that any suggestions the prime minister had violated the government’s guidelines were wrong. However, he did not respond to the question whether the prime minister drove from Downing Street to Olympic Park on his own or whether he was taken there.

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Johnson’s defense was also undertaken by Cressida Dick, the Greater London Police Commissioner. In an interview with & nbspBBC, she stated that it is definitely not against the law, and that exercises that do not need to move correspond to – & nbspjej – & nbspjej – & nbsp definition of area. However, she added that more precision in the instructions would be a good thing.


According to government guidelines, UK citizens may leave their homes once a day to exercise, but they should not leave their home area. “Your area” means: the village, town, or part of the city in which you live.