Means the Canadian Sanctions Regulations – whether in the case of normal peopleas well as entities and institutions – asset freeze Any business is prohibited.

Among the persons subject to penalties Roman AbramovichBritish football club owner Chelsea Football ClubIt is already approved by the UK government. In Canada, Abramovich owns 28 percent. Shares in the steel sector company Evraz.

– Sanctions against Russian officials and oligarchs like Abramovich They are so directed that they cannot take advantage of it or realize it earnings From doing business in Canada or from the hard work of Canadians working in companies they have investments in – Trudeau said, citing Canadian media before leaving Warsaw, after meetings in Europe.

“As part of the new measures, restrictions will (also) be imposed on 32 entities operating in the defense sector Russia And on five current and former senior officials of the Russian regime and their associates cooperating with the decisions of the President (Vladimir of Russia). put it in About the invasion of a peaceful and sovereign country,” the Canadian government press office said.


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