Anna Sorokin, using the nickname Delvey, is an Instagram legend who claimed to be the heiress to a huge German fortune.. In 2013-2017, she robbed hotels, banks, restaurants, and airlines. She has blackmailed more than 250,000 elites in New York. Gap.It also benefited from the generosity of its members. Others paid for her luxurious whimsWhich She assured them that more than $60 million was waiting for her in the Trust Fund in Europe. In 2017, she was caught with the help of Rachel Delauch Williams, who spent more than 60,000 on Anna. Gap. The hearing was very media-driven, and Sorokin stirred up the atmosphere around it. Until then, she made sure to look flawless and keep up with the trends.

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Anna Sorokin will be deported

Sorokin was sentenced in 2019. I heard a sentence of 4 to 12 years in prison. Last year I came out of good behavior And she immediately returned to Instagram and gave interviews in which she confirmed that she had no ill intentions. Didn’t enjoy freedom for long. The Immigration Office took care of thisBecause she was in the US without a valid visa. Now the media reported that she will be deported to Germany. It is said to be next week.

According to Der Spiegel, the 31-year-old will return on a scheduled flight from New York to Germany. Annie Sorokin will be accompanied by US officials until her arrival. The weekly also reports that she will be released in Germany because she has already been convicted of fraud in the United States and has served a prison sentence. Anna Sorokin is said to have tried to prevent deportation until the end by applying for asylum in the United States.

“Who is Anna?” – hit Netflix

The series consists of 9 episodes. From the moment of its first presentation on the platform, on February 11, practically until the end of the month, it was in the first place. Anna Sorokin earned 320 thousand. To get permission to view her story. At first, her money was frozen by New York law, but later the court agreed to go to the fraudster. There was only a condition. Of them, she had to pay damages to the banks and a fine. For this, too, I paid the lawyer. in this way Sorokin spent almost the entire amount.

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