Arkady Rziguki, Polish ambassador to the UK, praised him on Twitter, which he received from Grant Shaps. He also thanked the “great Polish-British cooperation” and emphasized that the crisis on the borders revealed “the importance of effective international cooperation.”

British Transport Minister thanks the Poles

Shabs began his letter by expressing “profound gratitude and appreciation” for the Polish government’s assistance to the United Kingdom “in alleviating the major disturbances in Kent in recent weeks”.

“The support of the Polish Regional Defense Forces in the test was invaluable and allowed thousands of drivers to cross the border safely and return to their families as soon as possible” – we read in a letter from the British Minister of Transport.

Shabs admitted in writing that the restrictions at the border were a heavy burden on affected drivers, including Poles. But he added that the British government was constantly working with the French authorities to open the borders as quickly as possible for the waiting drivers and set up a system to test them.

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He also confirmed that his country wrote Shaps’ continuation that during the crisis at the border he “felt greatly encouraged by cooperation between countries – nbsptak the Polish operation Zumbach, and with the support of French firefighters – & nbspby helping drivers return home” – & nbspread.


At the end of the letter, Shaps stressed that the apparent “spirit of cooperation” in resolving the aforementioned crisis will continue, despite its final exit from the European Union on January 1, 2021. The Minister again thanked the staff of the Polish embassy, ​​the government and nbspwojsku, as well. Express New Year’s greetings.

Personal thanks to the Ambassador and his team, Shaps is already handwritten. Additionally, he revealed that his family has Polish roots and that he comes from & nbspKijów.

Traffic jam at the border after the decision of France

Shortly before Christmas, France suspended traffic at the border with Great Britain for 48 hours. The border cannot be crossed from midnight from 20 to 21 December, and the decision of the French authorities was due to fear of a new mutation in the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus, which was discovered in the United Kingdom.


The closure of the border prevented thousands of trucks from leaving the border crossings. France has finally agreed to let drivers in if they have tested negative for the virus in the organism.

The movement began testing drivers at the border, including the British Army, groups of French firefighters, as well as Polish medics, rescue workers and military personnel.