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According to Norbert Burzim, DJ and music journalist on The Four, it is an extremely important album for contemporary music history. – It’s also one of the albums of this German dance group – Burt explained. The seventh album of Dr.üsseldorf It was founded in Kling Klang Studio i for Musicians It was released at a time when disco dominated dance floors. To this day, the then-rhythms of synth-funk reflect the atmosphere of the times.


03:52 Four / I hear the first 7.01.2021.mp3 Norbert Borzim on the album “Die Mensch-Maschine” by Kraftwerk.

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“Die Mensch-Maschine” is Ralph H.’s debut album.Carl Bartos composed ütter and Florian Schneider. The album begins with the composition of “The Robots”, and is one of the group’s best numbers, according to Burt. – The futuristic song, sung in Russian, English and German languages, shows Kraftwerk’s obsession with integrating people and technology, an idea that will later be picked up by tech pioneers – said The Four journalist.

Źr. Kraftwerk / The Robots (Live)

The latest “SpaceLab” recording refers to an invasion of outer space, while the composition of “Metropolis” refers to the cult movie of Fritz Lang of the same title from 1927. But the group’s biggest success was the number “Das Model”. The song hit the markets from them in Great Britain just four years after the album’s release. “This recording was very popular with club DJs at that time,” Burt stressed.

Źr. Craftwork / Prototype (direct)

The album “Die Mensch-Machine” had a huge impact on the development of not only pop music – it became an inspiration for artists like Eurythmics, Joy Division, Depeche Mode or Gary Numan, but also in the development of the entire electronic scene. – Without Kraftwerk there would be neither techno nor electrician – confirmed Norbert Borzim.


Program title: Never heard of it

Lead: Complete Jasinski

visitor: Norbert “Burt” Borzim

Date of issue: 07.01.2021

Emission time: 08.12


The recordings were made at Kling Klang Musicians’ Studio in Düsseldorf

Ralph Hutter
Fritz Hilbert
Henning Schmitz
Falk Griffenhagen