“The contract is great news for companies in every part of the UK,” the British Institute of Directors, the UK’s oldest organization of employers, said in a special announcement. But Jonathan Gildart, the institute’s chief executive, said that for companies, “the clock is still ticking”.

The organization is therefore calling for the urgent confirmation of grace periods to give companies time to comply with the new regulations from January 1.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) quoted Tony Dunker, CEO of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) as saying, “We need to make sure goods are transported across borders.”

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He said that the deal represents a great relief for British companies weakened by the problems of the Corona virus and Britain’s exit from the European Union, but “it is important that the two sides take immediate steps to maintain trade and services liquidity while companies can adjust to the Brexit deal.”

Gildart of the Institute of Directors echoed CBI’s concerns and said analyzing changes and requirements while adapting to them “in the middle of the pandemic and the holiday season as border unrest continues is a huge challenge” for companies.


It is not only about the number of documents, but also the cost of their immediate preparation by individual companies and at the end of a difficult year. Then, as calculated by the British, you would have to pay more than 7 billion pounds a year to fill out over 200 million additional customs forms.

Shipping companies are warning that many of them are not ready for the new rules. It is understandable because they have already tried to adapt to the announced changes many times. It is important to know that the agreement does not provide for automatic access to a market of £ 100 billion per year.


Let us remember that on Thursday Christmas Eve, that is, respectively, Great Britain reached an agreement with the European Union on mutual relations after January 1, 2021. On that day, the United Kingdom will permanently separate from Brussels (this year’s rules will not apply, which are: Same when Britain was in the European Union).

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Thursday afternoon that the United Kingdom and the European Union have reached an agreement on a trade deal that will go into effect after the post-Brexit transition period ends. You can read more about this agreement here.