Meat exported in this way cannot be classified as British, but like the European Union, the BBC notes. Read below

Fuel in Germany: Void at gas stations. Second Great Britain?

I also mentioned the shortage of workers in meat factories in the UK It is so large that many healthy animals have been slaughtered and disposed of. Not all of them were successfully exported due to costs and delivery problems. According to the Financial Times, about 10,000 jobs have been cut at a factory in England. pigs.

Empty shelves in UK supermarkets

Pictures of empty shelves in supermarkets are traded all over the world in the UK, Covered with photo wallpaper and vegetable and fruit boxes covered with pictures of vegetables and fruits.

To make long lines empty shelves In British supermarkets they were not afraid of their appearance, Stores begin to cover them with wallpaper. Pictures published by local media are spread all over the world. In the vegetable and fruit department, among others, in supermarkets of the TESCO chain, empty Empty boxes covered with pictures. Customers can see carrots or asparagus, which they can only dream of buying. The Daily Mail has published many examples of empty shelves covering these shelves.

Germany fears the British scenario

From the most recent data Institute of German Economics (IW) Shows that the The problem of labor shortage is increasing all the time. In many sectors of the economy, the situation dramatic. According to IW, Germany is currently short of at least 1.2 million workers. More than 6,700 drivers are needed immediately.

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