According to Sky News sources, high temperatures They heated up the asphalt so much on Monday that the pilots’ shoes and the plane’s wheels collapsed. It is located in Lincolnshire, in the center of England RAF Cranwell It is one of four training bases where all future British Air Force pilots undergo general training.

Suspension of training trips

asked Lu flights The exercise has already been canceled, and an RAF spokesperson responded: As a precaution, the RAF Cranwell’s main aircraft handling area is not currently available for routine use. Flight training is not affected and will continue through the use of alternate regions. As Sky News explains, another base is likely located several kilometers away, RAF Barkston Heath.

The temperature in the UK peaked at 32°C on Monday, and the Met Office predicts it will continue to rise by the end of this week, with the historical record of 38.7° also likely to be broken.

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