Almost 2.5 million citizens of the European Union have already obtained “settled status”, which allows them to remain in the UK indefinitely. After the UK leaves the European Union, foreigners must obtain a permit to live and work there. Another 2 million people have been granted “pre-settled status”, which gives them the right to live in the UK for five years.

It turns out that the Poles are the ones most interested in staying in the UK. As reported by the Polish information service “Polish Express”, by the end of 2020, citizens of our country submitted up to 911,240 applications to & nbspsum. The Romanians are in second place (836980), then the representatives of the so-called “southern Europe”, that is, the Italians (472,300), the Portuguese (354190) and the Spanish (301.790).


Immigration Minister Kevin Foster commented, “European citizens are our friends, our family and our neighbors, so I’m really proud that we’ve already crossed five million applications.”

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He encouraged anyone interested in staying in the UK to apply, especially as “the program is simple and uncomplicated, and support is available seven days a week by phone and email.”


To be entitled to live in the UK for an indefinite period of time, you must prove a relationship with the UK. The person concerned must provide documents proving that he lived and worked in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.