The great movie Maślona is produced by Leszek Bodzak and Aneta Hickinbotham for Aurum Film, and they are the people largely responsible for the international success of Jan Komasa Corpus Christi. The title of the work is “Scarborn” and the author of the script is Michał A. Zieliński. The production received funding from the Polish Film Institute. Aurum is now looking for international co-production partners – and according to – she wants to make a movie in 2022.

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A movie about Tadeusz Kościuszko made by Polish director is already noted abroad

Maonalona’s first feature film is “Panic Attack” from 2017, which competed in Karlovy Vary. At the time, Variety wrote about a “lively and well-composed” group comedy, a “catchy show of” beginner, “which” should attract audiences eager to portray contemporary Eastern European life in a less bleak way than what festival programs usually offer. ” Malona was recognized as the year’s best find at Eagles Gala in 2018. He is also the co-writer of “Demon” – the late Marcin and Rona’s thriller from 2015, which was well received not only in Poland, but also abroad. So we count on good production, has an idea and the right momentum.

Piotr Adamczyk played a big role in the American series. Cast “on conditions”

“Scarborn” tells the story of a veteran Tadeusz Kosciuszko, a trusted ally of General George Washington and a colonel in the Continental Army, who returns home to Poland with his assistant and friend Jean Labier, and a black man known as Domingo. As you can read on Variety’s website, they are fighting together to free the Polish serfs from the oppressive feudal system, which led to the outbreak of a national uprising against the Russian Empire in 1794, which, despite their efforts, is doomed to failure and will put an end to the Poles. Sovereignty for the next 123 years.

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I must admit that Tadeusz Kościuszko is a very interesting character in Polish history (and not only). A distinguished graduate of the Knight School, founded on the initiative of Stanisław August Poniatowski, a Royal Scholar in France, in 1776 set out on a trip to North America to participate in the struggle to free the colonies from the influence of Great Britain. Fortified numerous military camps for the Continental Army, he served at West Point Castle on the Hudson River, which today houses a prestigious military college. On October 13, 1783, Kosciusko was promoted to brigadier general in the US Army. He was an advocate of the abolition of the death penalty, and the owed wages paid to him by Congress were used to buy freedom and educate the black population.

365 days“365 days” may record the date. He is a candidate for Golden Raspberry Award nominations

In 1984 he returned to Poland, and here serfdom was restricted to peasants working on his property. After the decision to increase the size of the Polish army, he was nominated major general for the Crown Forces. After the Law of Confederation was declared in 1792, he fought in the Polish-Russian War, which – despite the victory at Zielenice – led to the Third Partition of Poland.