The rules for entering the UK will change from 1 October. For the majority of Polish citizens, as well as other countries of the European Union, crossing the border will only be possible on the basis of a passport. The Consul General of the Republic of Poland in London, Mateusz Stosic, notes that there are exceptions, however, some people will still be able to enter the UK with an ID.

The exception will be people with settled or pre-settled status in the UK, who obtained it on the basis of an ID card – in their case, entry with an ID card will be possible at least until the end of 2025.

As the consul explains in an interview with PAP, people with stable status, as a rule, must cross the British border on the basis of the identity document that has been linked to their digital file under the EU settlement scheme. The application for stable status can be linked to either a passport or an identity card.

– However, as some doubts may arise after changing regulations, as well as on the part of British immigration officials, we encourage you to travel with a passport document, ie a biometric or temporary passport. This is always the surest way to cross the border – says Mateusz Stosek.

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Great Britain – rules of entry. Passport or ID card?

Reminds you to check your passport’s expiration date before traveling for damage or damage, and that those housed or resettled in the event of a change of identity should immediately update their details by logging into the digital stable profile.

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After 1 October 2021, it will be possible to leave the UK for Poland on the basis of an identity card – provided that airlines or another carrier accept this type of identity document as a travel document – the consul adds. You are encouraged to check the information on the website and the profiles of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in social media before traveling, or in case of any doubts.

– We are particularly keen on educating drivers in transporting goods and passengers to change the regulations, because they cross the border regularly and use their ID cards more often. It is important that they remember to use the passport to prevent a situation in which they will not be allowed when carrying, for example, perishable goods – the Consul General confirms.

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