The “Guardian” reader told his story. In a letter he sent to the editorial office, he explained that he had purchased the bike as a Christmas gift. He asked exactly that on December 28, 2020 – a few days before Britain’s final split with the European Union.

The only place he found his dream model is a store in Poland. He was worried about paying a fee for this deal. On government websites, it finds assurances that there will be no fees for goods purchased before January 1, 2021.

The courier company took the order in early January. In the event of confusion at the border, the package is returned to the sender until another courier company handles delivery of the order. After delivery of the bike, A & nbsp informs the buyer that it is still responsible for the tax and nbspVAT to pay. Total – & nbspkolejne 2 & nbsptys. A pound or a pound to weight.

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Buyer refused to receive the package and requested to return it to sender. Here, however, he ran into another problem – the courier company indicated that the return to Poland should be paid again. This time at 1.5 thousand. A pound or a pound to weight.


However, the Guardian reports that trade between the UK and continental Europe has slowed sharply. This is especially evident after selling food – he writes daily.