Aldi is the perfect place to pick up Christmas decorations – or 10.

Maybe you just popped for some bread and milkBut, once you see the festive performances, you won’t be able to help yourself.

It has all the essentials – lights, ornaments, and wreaths – plus something a little more special, like singing life-size and dancing Santa. genuinely.

One of the items that fell well with shoppers is the selection of birthday Statues.

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Not your classic holiday fare, but these “ too ugly because it’s cute ” drove Aldi shoppers into a frenzy, with people buying all the group and proudly sharing their cargo The social networking site Facebook.

“I finally got all six… I love them,” said one pleased shopper.

They are selling super fast

Another wrote: “I want them, I want them, I want them !!!” While another person said, “Omgosh how cute they are! It’s hard to pick favorites.”

The statues seem to be very popular and the stores have sold out, with one fan saying, “Three stores I went to today were all in. I have a little obsession with them and I would have liked to have one!”

Another added: “I was always very sad and frustrated to go on a Wednesday night or Thursday night, seeing almost nothing, and now I know why! I went yesterday and cracked my last statue.”

However, not everyone was a fan of the popular product.

One person said, “Someone posted that it looks like it is part of a woman’s body, and now I can’t ignore that.”

Another added, “Are they elves or some sort of Lord of the Rings character? I never thought they were cute.”

Someone even said, “I don’t think they’re ugly … But I’m not going to bring one of them home. They’re kind of scary. I’m afraid to wake up to that standing on top of me, grabbing a knife kitchen!”

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Some shoppers in the USA have shared photos of these statues, while here in the UK the version has been called Junk “ And it has a slightly different look.

What do you think – cute or creepy? Do let us know in the comments below.