the first show Half Life Alex It might not be the biggest in 2020, but it has made a huge difference in the gaming communities. The first is the virtual reality technology that the advocates have received znakomit¹, But most of all is the high budget production. The second group is of course the lovers Siri Half LifeWaiting for news of Gordon Freeman’s return for several years. Alex’s adventure may not be a continuation, but it still awakens fans’ imaginations, including. To terminate.

That’s what Robin Walker, the chief game designer, didn’t talk to With the player. According to the creator, Valve wanted an end Half Life: Alex It was ?? What ?? Importance?? In the course of the series, fans of the brand pulled out of a narrative bind:

We realized that [zakoñczenie Half-Life Alyx – przyp. autora] It must be what ?? Importance. [Ta] History couldn’t be a thing? Which we just ignore and move on to create another project. We also knew the fans Half life ?? They got stuck in a kind of narrative forgetfulness for a long time and we wanted to change that.

Walker also mentioned his desire to be excited about the possibility once again ?? And let the players “false clues” ?? In the course of an interesting ending Half Life Alex. Still too little to start echoing the old crowd’s cry: ??Half life 3 Has been confirmed! ??. Yet the statement ?? Walkera lets you believe Valve is at least thinking about the future of the series, which is a lot more than what can be said in the past 10 years or so. Of course, intentions don’t necessarily translate into action, and they may be nothing. Take a nice look at reveal In July, a list of titles that Valve herself has been working on and has not been released or even has a title.