“The treaty that you just signed is not the end, but it is a new beginning, and I think it is the beginning of what will be a great relationship between the UK and our friends and partners in the European Union,” Johnson said.

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The bill is currently under discussion in the House of Lords. Observers of the British political scene do not doubt that it is a formality and that the House of Representatives will support the law. Then the Queen’s approval will remain the last step towards its entry into force.


The United Kingdom and the European Union concluded an agreement on mutual relations on December 24 after the end of the post-Brexit transition period, which was announced in detail on & nbspmoney.pl. Thanks to the agreement, from the beginning of 2021, customs duties and trade restrictions that would be severe for both parties will not go into effect.

The process of leaving the UK from & nbspUE began more than four years ago, when 52 percent of respondents supported the departure and referendum. Brits. Since then, the UK Prime Minister has changed hands twice and the country’s exit date has been postponed twice.

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