Will Queen Elizabeth II rule until 2021? The royal biographer argues that due to restrictions on exercising power due to the Coronavirus, the Queen truly abdicates the throne.

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning head of state in the world and the longest reign of the British monarch. He held the throne for 68 years. The Queen is now 94 years old, and rumors regularly appear that her reign is nearing the end of her life. Unfortunately – due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Queen is increasingly abdicating the throne. The old woman in the Windsor family had to reduce her jobs drastically due to the virus that had a real effect on her strength. No wonder the British media are reporting on the impending abdication now. According to the royal biographer, Elizabeth II will come to power in 2021.

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Queen Elizabeth II will give up power in 2021?

According to longtime royal biographer Robert Jobson, the pandemic will definitely lead to the end of Elizabeth II’s reign. According to the expert, it will happen next year, when the Queen turns 95 years old. As Jobson points out, the king does not want this at all, but he cannot prolong this moment indefinitely in the current situation. Moreover, her successor will not necessarily be her son. Prince Charles is also no longer young and likely to cede power in favor of his sons (and most likely William the Elder).

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I am convinced that after his 95th birthday he will give up power. I don’t think she wants that, but realistically, she gets to the point where she shifts all of her responsibilities to Charles and has to face him. What will he say? Will it not be king?– The biographer said on “True Royalty TV”.

Elizabeth’s second birthday is April 21, so in a few months we can meet the new heir to the throne of Great Britain. Will these predictions really come true? It remains interesting to wait.