The number of tourists leaving for Europe has shrunk from millions to ‘tens of thousands’ Compared to the year before the epidemic – said the Executive Director of the Association of Tourist Organizers of Russia (ATOR) Maja Umidze, citing Rzeczpospolita of RIA Novosti.

Very few Russians on European shores

However, it did not provide specific numbers. On the other hand, ATOR studies show that Only 5 percent of Russians who usually vacation in Europe decided to do so this year. The rest are mainly frustrated by the sanctions imposed on their country and the logistical problems associated with traveling to and from the resort. The higher costs also add their own costs due to inflation affecting the entire Western world.

in 2019 Plus minus one million tourists from Russia traveled as tourists to every country in the European UnionMaja Umanidze reported that with the exception of France, Great Britain and Scandinavia, where these figures were higher.

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Translated into specific numbers: according to ATOR, 3.9 million Russians passed through Finland in 2019. In contrast, 1.9 million tourists from the East turned up in Estonia.

The Russians are opening up to new directions

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