Sośnica will soon have another space for active recreation – on ul. In Jesina, near the Zachta pond, a beach soccer and handball field will be built. The investment is created in the design and construction system.

The new stadium measures 39 x 30 m, with a pitch of 35 x 26 m, and the residents will use it to play beach soccer and handball. There are actually two smaller beach volleyball courts nearby. After the construction of the new stadium is completed (end of this year), the entire sports complex will be fenced. There will be a lot of green space – there will be a total of 120 trees, incl. Birch trees. Small architectural elements will be installed, including eight seats. There will be alleys, sidewalks and 6 parking spaces (one will be at the disposal of the disabled). It is planned to create an anti-theft container for sports equipment to meet the needs of people who use sports stadiums.

After the works are completed, the area will become more attractive – the playgrounds will be diversified according to the area near the Zashta Pond, where recently a new lit bicycle path was used. Construction should start in September. The investment to be made by Bytom CELMAR Sp. z oo, it will cost more than 736 PLN. zloty. It is being carried out within the budget of the Glives Civic and is a continuation of the task according to which two beach volleyball courts have already been built with the necessary sports infrastructure.

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