• “I was on a date with the coolest man in the world” – Julia Nawalna wrote in an influential post on Instagram.
  • “He’s still cheerful and happy. It is true that he speaks with difficulty, switches the phone off from time to time and lies down on the table to rest” – describes
  • “Alexei already weighs 76 kg with an increase of 190” – he says
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This is the eighty-seventh day of imprisonment Alexey Navalny And the sixteenth day of his fast. As reported a few days ago, since his arrival at the Punitive Colony, Navalny has lost 15 kg, including 8 kg, since the start of the fast on March 31.

Yesterday, an entry appeared on Julia Navalna’s Instagram account with a photo from before the opposition prison. “Post on Love” – ​​this was the title of Putin’s enemy wife about the poignant description of the meeting.

“Today I was on a date. On the best date of my life. With the coolest man in the world. He invited me into a 3 x 2 meter room and we communicated through the glass panel and the phone receiver. But it doesn’t matter. He’s still cheerful and happy. The truth speaks hard, from Time to time he stops working and lies down at the table to rest, “- describes Julia Navalna.

As reported, Navalny lost significant weight “even compared to the end of September” – that is, during his convalescence After trying to poison an eye of a novice. “He actually weighs 76 kg with an increase of 190”, says Julia Nawalna.

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“They still didn’t let the doctor see him,” he points out. “I’ve never seen his skin tight around his skull, but I know he’s not going to give up,” he confirms. Admittedly, as his wife points out, Navalny “writes funny posts on Instagram and even fights for the Qur’an” (he reported on social media that he is suing prison authorities to prevent him from accessing the holy book of Islam; as a Christian who asks him to study the Qur’an “) – but this calm Al-Zahir does not reassure his wife, Julia Navalna writes: “After meeting Alexei, I worry about him more.”

On March 31, Navalny began a hunger strike in protest, as he called it, against poor medical care in Pokrov’s penal colony, Volodymyr Oblast, where he is serving a prison sentence. Navalny has long complained of health problems, as well as sleep deprivation. At night, he is awakened by a prison officer who checks every hour that Navalny, considered a “runaway”, is in place.

The Russian State Prison Service confirms that Navalny is receiving all the medical care he needs.

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