Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Grand Prix tour in Tetero, Germany, scheduled for May 22, has been canceled. However, the British Standards Institute (BSI) is determined to organize eleven rounds of the course to determine the individual world champion, despite the odds.

We are disappointed that due to the pandemic, we have had to cancel the German Small Grants Program. Coronavirus prevents us from carrying out this event as we wish. However, we remain committed to playing eleven events in the 2021 season. We will announce more events and dates in the near future, and also thank our fans for their patience during these times. – He told speedawygp.com Paul BellmeWho is in charge of BSI highway.

This is the second round of the Grand Prix to be canceled. The tour scheduled for April 24 in Terenzano, Italy, was canceled in early March. According to the current schedule, the Games will open on June 5 in Prague.

The pandemic already present in the previous season thwarted the original plans to play the Grand Prix series. Then eight rounds were played, two in four cities. One of the tours was on Friday and the other on Saturday. Then he won the world singles champion title for the second time in a row Bartosz Zamroslik.

The current calendar of Grand Prix Speed ​​2021:

June 5: Czech Grand Prix (Prague)
June 19 The host is not certain
July 17 – British Grand Prix (Cardiff)
July 31 – Grand Prix of Poland (Wroclaw)
August 7 – Grand Prix in Poland (Warsaw)
August 14 – Swedish Grand Prix (Melilla)
August 28 – Russian Grand Prix (Togliatti)
September 11 – Danish Grand Prix (Foynes)
October 2 – Grand Prix of Poland (Toru)

Participants in the 2021 Steel Grand Prix:
Bartosz Zammarzlik (Poland)

Tay and Venden (Great Britain)
Frederick Lindgren (Switzerland)
Maciej Janowski (Poland)
Leon Madsen (Denmark)
Jason Doyle (Australia)
Artyom Lagota (Russia)
Emil Sagvotdino (Russia)
Martin Vaculik (Slovakia)
Max Frick (Australia)
Matij Zaggar (Slovenia)
Anders Thompson (Denmark)
Oliver Bernitzon (Sweden)
Krzysztof Kasprzak (Poland)
Robert Lambert (Great Britain)

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