The interiors of the Szczecin restaurant “from the second side of the mirror” acquired a unique freshness and personality due to the transformation made by the architects from Toya Design studio.

The restaurant “On the Other Side of the Mirror” was created out of the love of people and the cooking. In 2017 the authors of the prestigious culinary guide Gault & Millau awarded Iwona Niemczewska, the owner and chef of “From the Other Side of the Mirror” the title “Best Chef in Poland,” and in 2019 she was awarded the Culinary Personality of the Year Award. For the Voice of Szczecin in the poll “Personality of the Year 2020.” For the architects of the studio Toya Design It was clear that the interior design of such a chef’s restaurant must be unique!

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The main design assumption was to create a new and unique space that matches the restaurant’s character. At the same time, the owner wanted to keep the existing equipment. The starting point for the entire interior design was a specially painted painting for the project showing a Polish meadow. The painting, which has been transferred to a large format, is a presentation of the fictional “From the Other Side of the Mirror” Earth. The ornament, extracted from the white wallpaper, appears to “grow” outside the walls.

– We came up with the idea that in this difficult interior you need to create a unique space, like a fairy tale. This is how the image painted by our architect Anya Marmar was created, which later becomes the drawing board for the entire project. Small resource and the effect is very interesting! – Says Beata Brzuchenalska From Toya Design.

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Wood panels inserted inside organize the space, while protecting the panel and giving the interior a more natural feel. The unique individual panel message captured with architectural precision, combined with excellent cuisine, great service and delighted guests, creates a cohesive and very important whole set for such places – places that are perceived with all the senses.

Thanks to small financial expenditures and maintenance of existing equipment, the architects were able to create a new interior with an individual character. – The owner is a wonderful person who definitely deserves support in these difficult times for restaurant owners – Piata Brzuchnalska concludes.

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