Even 87 million pint, or nearly 49.5 million liters of beer, will be wasted in the UK as a result of bars closing during the coronavirus pandemic, the British Beer & Pubs Association (BBPA) has said.

According to the BBPA, this means that the pubs have lost £ 331 million of income from & nbsppiw which they had to get rid of because they were unable to sell due to closures and other restrictions.

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As reported by BBC News, beer in barrels that was not sold before the expiration date must be returned to the brewery and discarded. In the case of pasteurized beer, the shelf life is usually around three to four months from delivery to the pub. In the case of unpasteurized beer, this period is shorter.

According to BBPA, only 70 million liters of beer were disposed of during the first shutdown.


“Our sector is down,” said Emma McLarkin, the association’s director. – We have no idea or explanation from the government when we can reopen – & nbsp added.

As McClarkin explained, every 3 pounds released in & nbspub goes to the tax office due to a “very high consumption tax on beer” – & nbsp 11 times higher than in Germany or Spain.