The Oxford vaccine is effective against the so-called British variant of the virus, the manufacturer AstraZeneca announced.

The British regulator said the new data also confirmed the product’s effectiveness in the elderly. Meanwhile, the government has mistakenly revealed its hidden vaccination rate plan.

According to manufacturer data analyzed by the British regulator, AstraZeneki provides protection similar to that against the first variant. Moreover, the Medicines Safety Review Committee said that more data showed more clearly than before that the vaccine was less effective against it
Elderly. Security data has also appeared. Responses to seven million injections were examined in December and January. Pfizer and AstraZeneca both work well. Moderately severe allergic reactions occurred in less than two out of a hundred thousand.

Meanwhile, the UK infection, hospitalization and death curves are easing. David Spiegelhatter, professor of statistics at the University of Cambridge, told the BBC: “This is all a lockdown effect. The effects of vaccination are still ahead, and we’ll see them soon.” The UK vaccination is the fastest in Europe. Almost 11 million people in the United Kingdom received their first injection. This raises politicians’ hopes of easing the lockdown at a greater pace than expected a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile, the government accidentally revealed its previously hidden plan
Vaccinations. In announcing the local elections scheduled for the spring, journalists discovered the sentence that in May all nine priority groups should be vaccinated, that is, everyone who has reached the age of 50. A few hours later, the Boris Johnson administration confirmed that these were its official expectations.

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