I will recommend the restoration of standard education at universities of medicine from March, because we have vaccinated the staff and students there – Health Minister Adam Niedzelski said Friday.

On Friday, government representatives were asked how the additional stages of lifting restrictions relate to the course of the vaccination campaign.

Minister Nideszelski said the main – but not the only – criterion – in this regard is the number of SARS-CoV-2 infections. He also stressed that vaccinations should affect factors such as the number of injuries, deaths and hospital bedding.

“We also realize, in making these decisions, that every week or two (…) there are at least half a million people vaccinated. Thanks to the fact that we will be able to be vaccinated with Astra Zeneka, this number will definitely increase in this perspective for two weeks “- He said.

The head of the Ministry of Health stated that another examination campaign among teachers will be organized next week.

He added, “If we diagnose the situation after the schools opened, we will make decisions.”

“The only thing that I will recommend to Minister Kazarnik is also the opening of medical universities from March, because we have vaccinated employees and vaccinated students who are exposed to direct contact with the virus, that is, work directly with the patient. Standard education in medicine universities have been restored since March” – he said. (PAP)

Author: Olga Zakulska

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