Problems at Dover Harbor may return as more British tourists plan their holidays in Europe, Reuters reports.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions on passenger movement, Dover has no problem transporting goods at the moment, according to reporters.

However, the British government is easing restrictions all the time and, according to specialists, this could disrupt the supply chain for goods.

Therefore, port managers expect the UK government to provide financial support and expand the facility.

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Cargo clearance operations have so far been carried out without major problems, but all this is due to the decrease in tourism. This is about to change because the UK government has just lifted the quarantine obligation for fully vaccinated citizens returning from travel from the European Union.


In the event of an increase in tourism, there should also be queues for trucks.

Traffic will be hindered not only by health restrictions. After Brexit, the procedures for clearing goods changed and prolonged.

Before the Dover pandemic, about 2.4 million trucks, two million touring cars, and 74,000 passenger cars were handled in 2019. Trainers.

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