Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, referring to the US reaction to the amendment’s adoption of the so-called Media Act and the CPA Amendment, said he was “inviting” specialists from our American partners “to analyze what we are talking about here.”

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Either way, I invite specialists from our American partners to analyze what we are talking about here

The Prime Minister said in response to a question Thursday during a press conference about the reaction of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to the adoption of the amendment to the so-called media law and the end of parliamentary work on amending the Administrative Procedures Law.

US “concerned”

On Wednesday, the chief of US diplomacy expressed his “deep concern” about these two developments. He stressed that “these legislative laws contradict the principles and values ​​on which modern and democratic countries are based.” He also appealed to the Polish government to show “its adherence to these common principles not only in words but also in deeds”.

We are very concerned that today the Polish Parliament has adopted a law that significantly restricts the process of applying for the restitution of property that was unjustly confiscated during the communist period in Poland.

Blinken wrote in a statement. On Wednesday, the House of Representatives adopted one of the Senate’s amendments to the CPA, thus ending Parliament’s work on the bill, which will now go to President Andrzej Duda. Blinken appealed to him to veto changes to the Code of Administrative Procedure or to refer the amendment to the Constitutional Court.

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Amending the Administrative Law

But Morawiecki said the amendment to the Administrative Procedures Act resulted from the need to implement the ruling of the Constitutional Court.

This has nothing to do with the fears of our American friends against us

– confirmed.

As he explained, the government does not want “diseases like those that occurred in Warsaw and beyond” to occur.

Finding somewhere 130-year-old antebellum owners living in South America, who – to the horror of horror – were accepted by Polish courts as actually living, (…) sign notarial documents. It was a mockery of the law, a mockery of justice, and everyone knows it

– Explain the Prime Minister.

An amendment to the Administrative Procedure Code changes provisions ordering recognition of an administrative decision as void due to a “grave violation of the law” – regardless of how long it was issued. The provisions of the amendment mean, inter alia, that 30 years after the issuance of the administrative decision, it will be impossible to initiate proceedings to challenge it, for example in the case of property seized years ago.

The adoption of the short story in mid-June was met, among other things, by a sharp reaction from the Israeli side. The Polish Foreign Ministry explained that the amendment was based on “the need to ensure citizens’ confidence in the state and implement the principle of legal certainty.”

The possibility of appealing the decisions of public authorities cannot be unlimited in time

– The ministry stressed.

Blinken also expressed “deep embarrassment” at the amendment of the so-called media law, which could affect TVN, “the most watched independent news station and one of the largest American investments in the country.”

Free and independent media make our democracies stronger, make the transatlantic alliance more flexible, and are fundamental to our bilateral relations

– Assessments of the head of American diplomacy. He added that the law, which was passed to the Senate on Wednesday, “threatens media freedom” and could harm Poland’s investment climate.

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Morawiecki stressed that the amendment to the so-called media law does not target a specific station.

There are no intentions towards a particular TV here, but there is an intention to tighten regulations so that companies from outside the EU cannot buy media in Poland as they wish.

– said the prime minister.

In this way, we show the goodwill, but also the seriousness of the Polish state. We cannot agree that someone from outside without our knowledge can freely acquire shares and capital in the Polish media.

– added.

An amendment to the Broadcasting Act changes the rules for licensing media with foreign capital and – in the opinion of many – targets TVN Group, whose shareholder is American Discovery.

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