Continuing the scandal with participation complete and yoghurt. Russian figure skater suspected of doping during the course Olympic Games in Beijing. The day after the 15-year-old and her friends won the team competition, a positive result came out calendar Her steroids test. International Olympic Committee I decided not to award any medals in the competition. An investigation has been opened into the case of a young athlete.

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The Americans are skeptical about the honest investigation with Walijo. The Russians respond with indignation

After the Olympics, the Russian Anti-Doping Agency was tasked with investigating Valeeva’s case. The investigation was due to end on August 8. However, there are concerns that the investigation may be conducted unfairly by Russians. This is what the President of the Olympic and Paralympic Committee thinks from the United States Sarah Hirschland, who was alerted to intervene herself Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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– She brought this with her work sports to the horizons of true art. Such perfection cannot be achieved dishonestly, with the help of additional materials, manipulations – The Russian President said during a meeting with athletes in the Kremlin a few days ago. attended, among others,at. Only Camila and Igo.

“If he defended Valeeva before settling the trial, how could he be believed.” upright? Sarah Hirschland noted in an interview with The Washington Post. statement American women It caused an outcry in Russia. Veronika Oginova, head of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA), responded.

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– RUSADA in its work strictly adheres to the provisions of the regulatory documents, the requirements of world anti-doping law and international standards that indicate the need for a confidential investigation. Athlete He is a protected person, and further comments about the investigation process not only violate his rights, but also make it difficult Investigation – She said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The possible exclusion of Walegua and the entire ROC team would be beneficial to the Americans. They took second place in the team competition skaters from the United States. then zloty medals He will go to them.

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