The gaming industry attracts a large number of players to their servers for various reasons. These are PVP between players, the ability to farm and destroy monsters to get unique items and equipment, the ability to play in a team, or solo activities like fishing and hunting.

One of the best representatives of grind projects with an interesting plot and a high level of replayability is the Diablo series of games. In the summer of 2023, the community is waiting for the exit from beta testing and the official release of the fourth part of the famous game from Blizzard.

You will find several chapters of the story narrative, which can be completed several times with a constant increase in the level of difficulty.

At the last, third level, opponents will have a lot of resistance to different types of attacks, and you can easily make sure that the character needs to be made as versatile as possible and ready for any situation.

You can go to the Blizzard servers even now, you just need to buy early access, and you can immediately go to conquer the storyline and prepare the character for the summer release. You can level up on your own, or order the diablo 4 boosting service SkyCoach, where professional players will guide your hero through the main locations in a matter of hours, completing the story missions.

What are the reasons to play farming games, using the example of Diablo 4

  • Excitement
  • Leisure
  • Replay value
  • Cooperative
  • High level content
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When you start the farming and leveling process in principle, the game does everything to make it easy and interesting for you at the initial stages – the experience will go quickly, locations and monsters will change often, the damage will be large, and the drop will be regular.

All these factors make you excited to go further, knock out more useful and valuable things, kill more bosses and monsters, and you may not notice how more than 5 hours of real time have passed.

It is especially catchy if you have three of the four items from the set, and you know the monster from which it is knocked out. If you collect a full set of items, then the character will receive a large set of bonuses that simplify the game and make the hero much stronger.


Farming games like Diablo 4 draw players in for a long period of time. You will find a storyline with a large number of locations and story missions that you want to go through in order to get significant bonuses – additional skill points, levels and valuable rewards that are randomly issued.

You are waiting for the main and secondary bosses and various groups of monsters with different types of attacks, over which you will need to think about tactics in order to prevent stupid deaths and not run again, collect things from a dead hero.

Replay value

Projects like Diablo 4 or Path of Exile have a high level of replay value. You can create a barbarian, go through all three types of difficulty, spending at least several days on it and accumulating a certain amount of armor, weapons, stones and artifacts to strengthen the hero, and when you get bored with all this, create a magician and repeat the whole way from the very beginning.

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Each hero has its own unique gameplay and difficulty at every stage of the game.

For example, mages at the very beginning in most games have big problems with mana and its replenishment, but gradually solve the problem due to replenishment potions, artifacts for mana regeneration and the return of resources when they hit the enemy.

The Barbarian, on the contrary, deals damage and pumps faster as soon as he gets any melee weapon, however, against bosses, the class will get its damage when he pumps the buff from rage and uses the berserk skill of a good level.


The ability to play games where one of the main mechanics is farming with friends is a significant factor for many players. Let’s take the famous Diablo as an example – if you play together with a friend, you can combine two characters in such a way that it is comfortable and interesting to go through the storyline, help each other with equipment and weapons, exchange artifacts and stones.

It should be understood that the overall level of complexity of monsters and bosses depends on the number of players, and at the third stage there will be more enemies, they will have a lot of resistance, and you need to prepare in advance so as not to face the inability to deal damage.

The combination of physical and magical damage with the ability to inflict debuffs, bleeding and poisoning will be a great solution for passing through all stages of the game.

High level content

All the fun in any game starts at the last levels of pumping, when you get access to farm the best equipment and weapons. In Diablo and Path of Exile, this is content after completing the main storylines.

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In Diablo, you have to go through the game three times with a constant increase in the level of difficulty – the strength of monsters and the gradual saturation of enemies with more and more resistance from more types of attacks.

Passing the third stage will be especially difficult, but this period will be marked and knock out the best equipment, which will affect the entire passage. If things go really badly, you can return to the difficulty level below and defeat the final boss for the sake of legendary weapons, armor and accessories.