Killer whale attacks on ships along the coast of Cadiz have caused a headache for sailors in recent months. There have been 56 such incidents since March, some of which were damaged by boats.

Cadiz. Why do goblins attack boats? It can be a form of fun

Killer whales attacked again on Monday, August 9 – the animals hit the hull of two sailing ships so hard that they damaged the rudder. The crews of the boats were assisted by the emergency services who pulled them into port. Because of the behavior of marine mammals, restrictions were imposed on sailors. This will affect the local tourism Watching killer whales is one of the area’s greatest attractions.

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Scientists do not know where this behavior of killer whales comes from – it appeared recently and began to become the norm. However, oceanography experts exonerate the animals and suggest that killer whales are having fun or are just curious. Ezequiel Andrew Casala, who has been researching this species for more than 16 years, is also surprised by the rapidly increasing number of interactions between orcs and orcs. by boat (About 140 have been registered since last summer.) – There was not much before, nothing like this happened – said the scientist, citing

Cadiz. What do you do when you meet goblins?

Recommended if killer whales are spotted off the coast Spanish galvanized, if possible, turn off the engine, stop the machine, and lower it clothLeave the rudder in its tracks, disconnect the search coil, and avoid close contact with the animals – Writes

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Coast stations will periodically issue radio alerts to inform seafarers of the prohibitions and restrictions stipulated in the resolution. Initially, it will be valid until August 20, with the possibility of extending or canceling it as events develop.

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