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Theresa May once again attacked Boris Johnson, this time accusing him of failing to deliver on his promise to create a world Britain. The former prime minister noted that the government had made a “slightly different” impression abroad.

This is not the first time last month that Theresa May has launched an attack on Boris Johnson. In the first half of June, the former prime minister did not leave a dry thread in the government’s outbound travel system. At the time, May argued that islanders should regain their freedom to travel, as a high percentage of the population had been vaccinated against Covid-19. Now he has attacked former Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his ministers for failing to act to create a truly global power from Britain. After all, as Theresa May explained, Boris Johnson promised that the UK would “look outside” after Brexit and take a truly global perspective after the EU restrictions were lifted. Meanwhile, as the former prime minister claims, the government is making a “slightly different” impression abroad.

cuts in international aid

During the stormy debate in Parliament, Theresa May criticized, above all, the significant reduction in international aid by the UK government. He called on former Prime Minister Boris Johnson to return to his commitment to allocate 0.7 percent. Gross National Income for Foreign Aid, and recalled that Prime Minister and Chancellor Rishi Sunak had recently abandoned this policy, claiming that it was too expensive and that the Covid-19 pandemic had put pressure on public finances. When you cancel a program like this, you can’t just say, “Well, we don’t have that money this year, but next year we’ll have it.” There will be no more people to provide assistance on the ground, and expertise is needed to be able to build such programs. (…) So I would like to say to the Minister that I sincerely hope that with our money and experience it will be possible to restore the respect that we have enjoyed around the world and that we will be able to regain 0.7% as a target, as well as to consider granting aid as a whole. Theresa May resumed.

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