What does the Polish vaccination program look like in Europe? Neither too bad nor exceptionally good. According to data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control as of March 30 (the most recent data for the entire continent is not yet available), Poland is ranked 19 in the & nbspEurope.

The vaccination in & nbspEurope can be compared to cycling. There is a group on the run, the peloton and cyclists who just can’t stand speed and lose distance between them and the main group.

Great Britain is leading the “runaways” that have already vaccinated half of the population. Malta (42.15%), Serbia (35.58%) and Hungary (28.61%) are trying to hold their own pace. The latter two countries have chosen to import vaccines from & nbspRussia and nbspChin, bypassing the European Union’s procurement system.

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Then we have the peloton, which covers places from the fifth to the twenty-ninth, including Poland in the mentioned nineteenth place. Depending on the provision of vaccinations at this portion of the rate, everything can change very dynamically. Iceland, at number five, is close to 20 per cent. Its citizens vaccinated, the Netherlands, in 29th place, just under 6 points for this goal, a percentage


Holidays in Bulgaria or Croatia are in danger?

Bulgaria is at the end of the vaccination rate. So far, only 6.6% have been vaccinated there. Population. The weak progress of the Bulgarians does not arouse optimism before the upcoming summer holidays. It is similar to another popular destination among the Poles – Croatia. There, just over 10 percent were vaccinated. population.


Therefore, in the context of these two countries, there is doubt as to whether the majority of the population will be able to implant the majority of the population by the summer months, so that accommodation there is relatively safe and the borders are open. Of course, no one will answer that question for now, but those planning a vacation should keep it in mind.

Russia and Latvia also found themselves between Bulgaria and Croatia. Russian authorities proudly announced in February that it was the only country in the world to have developed three of its own vaccines against the Coronavirus. The mass vaccination campaign for the population is not going well there. In addition, this country is a huge vaccine export powerhouse – & nbspm.in. To Serbia and Hungary mentioned above.

It certainly isn’t easier due to the large population (over 144 million people according to World Bank data from 2019) and its vast territory.


However, Latvia does not have this “excuse”. The country has a population of just under 2 million, and is only 7.06 per cent. Citizens got the vaccine.

Great Britain vaccinated and loosened restrictions