For effective competition for investors, the Ministry of Finance has prepared four packages of changes. Photo: Shutterstock

The Ministry of Finance plans facilities for large investors, tax breaks related to returning to Poland and transferring activities here, exemptions for a prototype and robots – reports Deputy Finance Minister Jan Sarnovsky. He added that SMEs would feel comfortable offering it to the public.

As Sarnowski indicated in an interview with PAP, the whole world expects a recovery after the pandemic and rapid economic growth. He also indicated that, on the one hand, it will be the effect of frostbite on the economy, but on the other hand, it will be the effect of the experience from the past several months of economic monitoring. It has been realized that the large geographical distance between place of production and consumption is a significant risk factor – due to the complexity of supply chains, borders, transportation, etc.

“So we have a global trend to bring production closer to the consumer. We are aware that one of the largest consumer markets in the world is Western Europe, and the place where a large part of the consumed goods may be produced in Western Europe will be moved to Central and Eastern Europe” – said the Deputy Minister.

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In his opinion, all the countries of our region have started a race to fight for large foreign investments. Poland’s competitor in this rivalry now is not China, which offers much lower labor costs and good infrastructure, but the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania, on the one hand, are geographically close to consumption centers, and on the other hand it offers lower labor costs, good infrastructure, educated and experienced personnel in Collaboration with global partners.

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Sarnovsky reported that for effective competition for investors, the Ministry of Finance has prepared four packages of changes. It aims to create optimal conditions in Poland for Poland to become the leader in regional production and to obtain the largest possible part of the huge funds related to the transfer of production to Poland.

“Even before the second wave of the epidemic, this kind of package was introduced by India, which wants to capture as much production as possible from China. However, the solutions that we have prepared are based on the ones we previously implemented + Asian Tigers + – Taiwan South Korea and Singapore… In Europe, Great Britain and Italy, among other things, used similar tools, and they are our main role models. ”

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