Several days ago, a group of dozens of migrants wandered the Polish-Belarus border in Osnaz Gornji. On Saturday, Polish border guards and soldiers removed the cordon from the border with Belarus, not allowing journalists, humanitarian or political activists to enter it. Also, Senate Vice President Gabriela Morawska Stanica, who appeared on Saturday at the Osnaz Gurney, did not miss the uniform. She told reporters that the Senate Human Rights Committee will meet next week to discuss issues of the border crisis.

On Saturday morning, in the town of Usners Gorny, border guards and the army moved the cordon hundreds of meters from the border with Belarus, where dozens of foreigners have been staying for several days. Migrants – according to the Polish authorities – on the Belarusian side, want to get to Poland and apply for international aid. Border Patrol officers and gunmen do not allow journalists to pass. The place where the foreigners were was tightly covered by the permanent cars of the army and border guards.

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The authorities in Minsk are accused of deliberately throwing migrants from Iraq and Afghanistan across the borders with Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, which are also the borders of the Schengen area, in order to put pressure on the European Union because of the sanctions it imposed. on the Belarusian system.

Deputy Speaker of the Senate on the Polish-Belarusian border

On Saturday afternoon, the Vice-President of the Senate, Gabriela Morawska Stanica, who was not allowed by Border Patrol officers to pass through the cordon, arrived at the site. – Would you pass me gentlemen, could you, gentlemen, transfer me to someone sitting there in our country? I am a senator from the Republic of Poland, Deputy Field Marshal of this country. Can you let me see the person sitting there?” said the Lewica Club representative.

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Vice President of the Senate Gabriela Morawska Stanica in Osnars GornjiPAP / Artur Rechko

– As it turns out, gentlemen are obliged to remain silent and not establish any relations or contacts. I repeat again. This is Terrifying. I am ashamed that something happened on the Polish border, in front of the Polish border, hardly knows where, in the region of no one, people need help and even a doctor is not allowed to give them such help – Morawska later told reporters – Stanica.

As announced by the Vice President of the Senate, she is in contact with the chair of the Senate Human Rights Committee, Senator Alexander Bossig of the Civic Coalition. – Indeed, on Monday, we will hold an extraordinary meeting of the Commission on Human Rights on this subject. It will surely take place next week. We’ll see what happens by then. She said I hope no one has died by then.

In the afternoon, a doctor came to Osnarz Gurney, who, among others, works at the Czarna Piaostuka clinic in Podlasie County. They were also not accepted as immigrants. – I came because I was summoned at the request of the Rescue Foundation. I knew there are people who feel unwell. It is known that these people live in very difficult conditions. It’s only a matter of time, let me put it frankly, until these people start dying because they don’t have any food or water anymore. She said in an interview with TVN24 that they have a big problem, especially women, in taking care of physiological needs.

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Ikonowicz on migrants at the border: They have no way out of here

Pyotr Ikonovic of the Social Justice Movement also arrived at the Polish-Belarusian border. – We are not the enemies of those people in uniform. They were given orders, and if they did not obey, it would have very dire consequences. We understand that, but in my opinion it would not be a breach of the border guards’ order if they gave a thirsty person a bottle of water or something else – he said.

– I understand that they can’t let them pass now, because you’ll decide [prezes PiS Jarosław – przyp. red.] Sooner or later Kaczyński and Mr. Kaczyński will let them pass. Now there is a fight over who is the most ruthless – [prezydent Białorusi Alaksandr – red.] Lukashenka or Kaczyński. Mr. Kaczynski flexes his muscles, but this is known to be a dead end. They have no way out of here, because the Belarusians will not let them pass and if we do not let them in, they will begin to die there – according to Ikonovich’s assessment.

According to him, “The Law and Justice Party is currently counting the days in which it receives support, and it builds this support on fear of strangers, on hysteria, and on hate programs organized by public television.” – These days are not enough, because at some point the public opinion, even the one who supports the PiS, will realize that this is an act of barbarism, and that these people on this piece of land suffer so much that we are not allowed to look at it and witness it because he said.

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Donald Tusk on Border Protection

The leader of the opposition Civic Platform also referred to the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border in a broader context. “Under the Law and Justice Act, the Polish border has been crossed by a record number of illegal immigrants,” Donald Tusk wrote in social media on Saturday.

“The Polish border should be narrow and well protected. Anyone who questions it does not understand what a state is. Protection is not about anti-human propaganda, but about effective action” – the head of the post office commented in the post on Twitter.

Main image source: PAP / Artur Rechko