Stanislav Sarin, a spokesman for the Coordinating Minister for Special Services, noted that “Russian propaganda is using the situation in Afghanistan to attack US credibility and NATO guarantees.”

Zarin tweeted on Saturday that the Russian disinformation material contained the opinion of a “military expert” saying US guarantees were not credible.

“The reason for publication is another series of materials aimed at demonstrating the superiority of Russian tanks over the Abrams tanks that Poland buys from the United States. On this occasion, the “Russian expert” argues that Poland is making the same mistake as the Afghan government spokesman said.

“The commentator adds that cooperation between Poland and the United States will end” as in Afghanistan “, that is, with the American flight” – he says.

Narin pointed out that another “commentator” believes that the sale of American tanks to Poland is “similar to what the United States did with the Afghan army.”

Harin noted that “the text states that Afghanistan’s experiences show that” American assistance produces opposite effects.

In his opinion, it should be expected that the situation in Afghanistan will be used by Russia for a long time to undermine the credibility of NATO.

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“The Kremlin will attack the military cooperation between Poland and the United States in particular,” the spokesman for the Minister Coordinating the Intelligence Services said.

When the United States withdrew most of its forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban occupied most of the country. On Sunday, they entered the capital, Kabul, and took control of the presidential palace.

US forces were forced to halt all evacuations on Monday after Kabul airport was crowded with thousands of people wanting to leave the Afghan capital, which was seized by the Taliban on Sunday. The runway and arena are now crowded, and flights resumed Tuesday morning.