Hermen Hulst has reassured PlayStation fans that their games will still be made exclusively for PS consoles. Possible PC releases will occur at later dates.

Today in the morning we mentioned Hermen Hulst’s statement about his approach to developers from the East. The Dutchman declared thatJapanese gamedev“Very important for PlayStation, so we can expect further investments in this topic.

Even more interesting, a representative of PlayStation Studios eagerly declared that PlayStation fans should not be afraid to give up exclusive games for “blue” consoles. Hulst teams will continue to develop games aimed – soon – exclusively for PS5, and simultaneous premieres for consoles and PCs are out of the question:

It has usually been around two years since the premiere on our platform and PC platform. But you can count on us to continue creating exclusive content that defines the PlayStation platform – which is one reason we exist.

It’s really important for us to get the most out of the platform, create a PlayStation Wallet and really let the audience see how much these great features contribute to the overall experience.

This statement does not mean that PlayStation games will not reach the so-called. “tinplate”. Hermen Hulst wanted to reassure his fans by saying that their main goal is to bring games to consoles first, and only then think about whether it is worth releasing them on PC.

Source: https://www.pcgamer.com/sony-continues-to-walk-the-line-between-pissing-off-playstation-owners-and-putting-its-games-on-pc/