“Strong storm system leaves a mark on hurricanes, sleet and snow. Martin Luther King, Jr. will bring more heavy rain to the northeast on Martin Luther. CNN.

According to US technology company FlightAware.com – the world’s largest flight monitoring platform – on Monday morning In the United States, more than 1.2 thousand flights were canceled. 3,000 canceled on Sunday. links.

Without electricity, there were more than 2 million customers of various utilities in 11 states. South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, Georgia and Pennsylvania were the hardest hit.

20 to 30 cm of snow may fall in Pittsburgh and Buffalo, New York, on Monday. Monday’s strong winds could lead to flooding on the east coast from Virginia to Maine.

In Buffalo, winds can reach nearly 75 km/h, while in New York City they can reach more than 88 km/h, and in some parts of Maine up to 105 km/h. CNN meteorologist Michael Jay warned. He added that at the end of the week, another wave of severe frost is coming, with the possibility of snow.

The governors of both the Caroline and Virginia appointed National Guard officers to assist with the snowstorm.

And there were several accidents on the roads on Sunday. Virginia State Police reported nearly 1,000 incidents. More than 400 accidents occurred in North Carolina.

Northwest Florida experienced rare snowfall in the area, but the worst was in southwest Florida where, according to local authorities, at least two hurricanes destroyed more than 28 homes in Lee County and damaged many others.

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