Only four countries: Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia had the courage not to fund the genocide. – Now visible in the credits at the end of the recording. The flags of countries that have announced that they will stop importing Russian oil and gas are also shown.

The latest version of the registration, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky Posted on Twitter on Friday. “By buying Russian oil and gas, you are financing the killing of Ukrainians. Act more assertively. It is enough to feed the Russian military machine. Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have already refused to fund the genocide.”

The video shows Europeans driving to gas stations to refuel. However, serene images began to intertwine recordings from Ukrainian cities shot by the Russian army.

“You don’t pay for Russian gas or Russian oil in euros or rubles. You pay for it from the lives of Europeans like you” – you can read in the recording.