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Shame Karis and Andre Duda

Other important people from the political world decided not to go to the Beijing 2022 Olympics. Estonia also joined the increasingly large group, including the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain. Infamous President Karis referred to political factors.

President Alar Karis and other representatives of the Estonian government will not travel to Beijing for the Winter Olympics, which start on February 4, Estonian news portal ERR News reported on Monday. Kristina Oates, a spokeswoman for the Estonian Foreign Ministry, said the ministry “has no information on plans to participate in the Beijing Olympics by any member of the government.” Earlier, government spokesman Sten Otsma confirmed that Prime Minister Kaja Kallas would not go to Beijing.

Beijing 2022: ‘Counties are the prerogative of politicians’

Estonian Foreign Minister Eva Maria Lemets said in November that Estonian athletes could decide for themselves to participate in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The diplomatic boycott also added a political affair. Already in December, President Karis announced that he does not intend to participate in the Olympics, citing unspecified “political factors”.

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IO Beijing 2022 is interrupted. In the background “genocide”

That same month, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki announced that US diplomacy intends to boycott the Winter Games in China due to “ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region and other human rights violations.” Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Lithuania joined the boycott.

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Lithuania and China have been in a diplomatic dispute since the summer when the Lithuanians allowed Taiwan to open representation in Vilnius. The Xinjiang region in western China is mostly inhabited by the Uyghurs, who are a Muslim ethnic minority. There are regular reports of the Chinese government’s suppression of Uyghurs, including about forced labor.

The Chinese criticize the boycott

China has repeatedly criticized the decision to boycott the Beijing Olympics as a violation of the political neutrality required by the Olympic Charter (the Olympic Movement’s basic set of rules). The Winter Olympics will begin in Beijing on February 4 and will last for two weeks.


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