The attack on democracy is real, from the January 6 rebellion to the storm of anti-election laws adopted by Republicans in a number of states (…) It’s no longer about who can’t vote. The question is whether your vote matters at all. In a video message set for Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Day, Biden said it was about two disingenuous things, voting restriction and an electoral coup.

He added that in the days of King’s fight for the electoral rights of African Americans, Americans should “answer the question again… along with who are we on the side?”

Two projects to reform the electoral law

Thus, the President renewed his appeal to adopt two draft laws on the electoral law. It involves a whole series of important reforms, including restoring pre-existing anti-discrimination requirements in states with a history of racial discrimination, ensuring nationwide voting by correspondence, reforming campaign finance laws, and setting election day.

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Both the Freedom of Voting Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act are doomed to fail in the face of opposition from nearly all Republicans and the reluctance of some Democrats to rescind the 60-vote requirement to pass a bill in the Senate. The second draft will be voted on on Tuesday.

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Attempts to reform are in response to laws passed in 19 Republican states, incl. Restricting voting outside polling stations and increasing the power of political bodies over the voting process. It is also linked to the campaign led by former President Donald Trump and his supporters, which focused on promoting candidates for the positions of foreign ministers, that is, those responsible for organizing the elections.

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At a rally in Florence, Arizona, on Sunday, Trump reiterated his claim to be the legitimate winner of the 2020 election and supported candidates who share that view. Earlier that day, he released a video in which he stated that “next time we have to be tougher and tougher when it comes to vote counting.”

“Sometimes it is more important who does the vote count than the candidate,” the former president said.