Update, 1 & nbsp November, at. 12.45

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, citing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, announced on Saturday evening that the complete lockdown in England will start on Thursday, and will continue until December 2. We must be humble toward nature. The British prime minister said the virus is spreading faster than scientists have indicated in the worst-case scenario.

This is the population They have to stay home. They can only leave them in exceptional and justified cases, for example when they go to work. Social gatherings of “people of different homes” are also prohibited. All bars, bars and restaurants as well as shops will be closed, except for those selling basic necessities.

However, schools and universities will remain open, which is a difference compared to the closing rules that were introduced in March.

“Christmas will be different this year, but I sincerely hope that thanks to the difficult steps that have been taken now, families will be able to spend it together,” the BBC quoted the British prime minister on Saturday. He indicated that the hospitals are crowded and will be full in the coming weeks. – & nbsp Doctors and nurses will then have to choose who to treat, and & nbspkogo no, who lives, and & nbspkto not – & nbsp, he said.

As CNN explains, the lockdown is taking place in England. Healthcare is administered locally in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


The New York Times reports that Great Britain is following the path chosen by France, Germany, Belgium and Ireland – and these countries decided to severely restrict social and economic performance. About re-tightening restrictions in the UK Already spoken in September.

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