New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo has threatened to sue the Donald Trump administration if his state does not get its fair share of the Coronavirus vaccine, as the president’s continued refusal to acknowledge the election result continues to distract attention from the worsening Covid-19 crisis in America.

Meanwhile, famous progressive Senator Bernie Sanders has asked the president to “wake up” because of his refusal to concede to Joe Biden, despite his opponent winning both the popular vote and the Electoral College in the November 3 vote. Trump has so far preferred instead to post unfounded accusations of “fraud” from the Oval Office on Twitter.

The president called for fresh mockery on social media overnight by tweeting “You won” in capital letters, prompting the phrase “No you haven’t” into a vengeful trend. This came after spending the weekend waving to supporters of the far-right who had gathered in the capital from his motorcade and playing golf as his various legal challenges failed to bring about the results of the swing state.


The United States records more than 11 million cases of coronavirus as Michigan and Washington imposed restrictions

As we touched upon earlier, the epidemic is worse than ever in the United States at the moment, with Washington State Governor Jay Inslee joining his counterpart in Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, in imposing new measures to keep people safe.

Adam Forrest has this update.

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Trump accidentally marks a Leeds United fan in his attack on Pete Buttigieg

It wasn’t Mayor Pete, of course, and instead he goes to PeteButtigieg as you’d expect.

The actual owner of this account is an obscure individual who uses a picture of the character while identifying him only as a “lifelong Leeds United fan”, eliciting an interesting response from the Premier League club, such as Indy 100Josh Zetser is here to explain.

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Trump seeks to discredit Georgia with the Republican vote recount that he will not win

More desperate tweets from a guy who really should ditch and think about judgment.

Here we find him trying to downplay the Georgia recount because he’s about to prove beyond any doubt Biden’s victory, promoting the hilarious One America News network as an alternative to Fox – which he still intersects with – and trying to get credit for Modena’s new vaccine despite From not getting involved in any way.

It wouldn’t come as a surprise to you that he’s in a vengeful mood and watches TV – what’s new too?

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Trump adviser clashes with a Fox News host in a live exchange: Where will you get the votes?

Fox host Leland Virt and Trump campaign spokesman Irene Perrin had a shootout on Saturday as the journalist pressured her about where the president expects to find enough votes to cancel the election.

Josh Marcus Report.

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Former FBI chief warns of classified intelligence “that could throw Trump in a very negative light”

Andrew McCabe, the former acting FBI director hated by Trump, has warned that classified intelligence from the FBI’s investigation into his 2016 campaign’s alleged ties with Russia may contain information that “risks projecting the president in a very negative light.”

Kate Ng has more details.

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The largest US militia says it will refuse to recognize Biden as president and ‘fight back’ his administration

Oath Keepers, an armed right-wing organization with tens of thousands of members with law enforcement and military backgrounds, was one of several groups that demonstrated in Washington over the weekend at the “Million MAGA March” in support of Trump’s protest against the failed election.

I think half of this country won’t recognize Biden as legitimate. “They won’t recognize this election,” said Stuart Rhodes, founder of the pool. The Independent On Saturday in the nation’s capital.

“What this means is that whatever comes out of his mouth will not be considered to have any power or influence, and whatever he signs into law we will not recognize it as legitimate. We will be very much like the Founding Fathers. “.

This is what Griffin Connolly and Rich Hall have.

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Trump continues to insist on winning the election on the basis of absolutely nothing

No, no, my good man. It appears that there is still some confusion.

Joe Biden received 306 Electoral College votes and only 232. That’s a landslide win for you to be accepted in 2016.

He spent his morning retweeting Rudy Giuliani and low-right thoughts like Dinesh D’Souza and Andy Ngu, trying to refute Washington PostHe talks about challenging the Pennsylvania elections.

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Trump and his supporters are seeking comfort in the plot as hopes for elections dwindle

Rich Hall has the latest news from the capital as this president is in hiding from his humiliating defeat and pushes lies to keep his hard-liners clinging to false hopes.

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‘Tired of Trump’s nonsense – we need to talk about the coronavirus’

For Indy SoundsChris Stephenson hits the nail in the head.

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