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Komorowski: The operation of the PSL and the Civic Platform was the result of the Left-Law and Justice alliance

The “crisis of academic life”, allegedly “a limited space for free scholarly debate” and “censorship of lecturers who refer to the classic values ​​of our civilization” – these are the problems that exist, according to the right-wing Urdu Juris in Polish and European Science. The organization informed about the establishment of a new university, among other things,at. Confronting the “takeover of universities by extremist ideologists.”

Collegium Intermarium – as the university will be called – was founded by the Education do Values ​​Foundation. The board of directors of the foundation that was established last year includes Jerzy Kwasniewski and Timotius Zetsch, who are also members of the board of directors of Odro Iuris.

Tymoteusz Zych became rector of Collegium Intermarium. As stated in the statement quoted on the Ordo Iuris website, “Collegium Intermarium was created in response to the most profound crisis of academic life. It refers to the classic understanding of the university, which should be a space for free debate and the courage to search for the truth.” The university will run, among other things, law studies.

What kind of inspiration was mentioned for the creation of a university, among other things, a project of banker and philanthropist George Soros. “The enthusiasm with our initiative welcomed by prominent thinkers from all over the world demonstrates the great need for a new academic project. George Soros long ago noted the possibility of creating an elite center for the Central European region, which has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the Central European University. The way, he has educated an entire generation of left-wing intellectuals, politicians and lawyers – the graduate of this university is, for example, a human rights advocate Adam Bodnar“- We read.

Right-wing guests from Poland and abroad

According to Urdu Juris, the inaugural conference of Collegium Intermarium will be held on May 28. It will be opened by Minister of Education, Science and Higher Education Przemislav Kzarnik.

Will attend the opening, among others a former President Czech Vaclav Klaus, Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Glensky, Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varja, as well as conservative lawyers and academics, such as former judge of the European Court of Human Rights Francisco Javier Borrego Borrego from Spain (who believes miscarriage On “crime”), Caroline Cox in the British House of Lords (who has adopted anti-Islam views and I supported the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria), John Paul II’s advisor Ingrid Dieter de Francopan or the American writer Rod Dreher (known, among others, for his anti-immigration views, described as Orthodox Christianity).

As we read on the Ordo Iuris website, “University lecturers also include the President of Maciej Corvin University in Budapest, Andras Lanzi, French legal theorist Gregor Bubink, and Croatian thinker and parliamentarian Stephen Bartolica. Classes will also be conducted. By the judges of the Polish Supreme Administrative Court, general courts and lawyers Experienced and practitioners. “