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President against compulsory vaccinations. Dr. Karuda’s Comments

The local press in the Veneto region reported the incident, adding that the abbot was the sister of a 72-year-old retired doctor who lodged a complaint.

The 77-year-old nun is a staunch opponent of vaccines COVID-19And her brother is a committed supporter who volunteers at the vaccination center. The daily Il Gazzettino explained that their feud did not remain in the family, but ended up in the Diocese of Padua.

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Italy. Inform the Diocese of Nuns. “The climax is that this is my sister”

The doctor learned that five other nuns from Montegalda had not been vaccinated, so he informed the local diocese.

He wrote in a letter carried by the magazine: “Despite the pleas to be made plantingled by the Pope, the bishops and the president (ItalianSergio Mattarella, you have an anti-vaccine cache that uses images and slogans about to be mocked.”

Then he explained, “It’s a monastery in Montegalda with the headmistress getting the daily stupid anti-vaccine propaganda from her cell phone.” “The most important thing is that she is my sister,” he added.

Photo by Jacob Orschowski / Aginga GazetaWizz Aviation. Compulsory vaccinations against Covid-19 disease for staff. Already from December

The Archdiocese – in response to this letter – has reminded its missionaries that the local bishop and other clergy have repeatedly called for a responsible attitude to themselves and others, and immunization against COVID-19. Father Daniele Longato from the press office of the Diocese of Padua added that the Church’s appeals are directed exclusively to “the sense of responsibility in each person”.

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According to a local newspaper, it appears that the nun has begun to change her mind and has announced that she will receive a vaccination in September.

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