The strike between GDL and SWEG also caused train traffic problems on Thursday. There are significant obstacles on the Zollern-Alb Bahnen Road and the Tübingen-Stuttgart Road.

The train drivers’ union GDL called on employees of the Südwestdeutsche Landesverkehrs GmbH (SWEG) to strike again on Thursday. Local and regional transport is particularly affected. on it Zollern Alb Bahnen According to SWEG, restrictions are expected, as is the group’s subsidiary SBS, which, among other things, is on the way. Tübingen Stuttgart He is on the way.

The call to strike is aimed at locomotive drivers, train operators and employees who work in workshops, training or at the SWEG customer center. Missionaries at SWEG and SWEG Bahn Stuttgart GmbH (SBS) have also been called to strike.

“There will be restrictions on all roads driven by SBS and SWEG,” GDL Vice President for the South West, Danny Groschens, told dpa. He was satisfied with participating in the strike, but the GDL did not provide specific numbers.

Stronger strike effects in the Stuttgart / Neckar Valley network

SWEG announced that as a result of the industrial strike, operational disruptions to its networks are expected during the strike period. The Monster Valley Railway They are served in emergency bus services. There are stronger strike effects Stuttgart network Or Nikartal from SBS affiliate expected. Passengers were asked to learn more about their communications before boarding the plane.

Restrictions at Lake Constance

on me Seehäsle . railway Turbulence can also occur between Stockach and Radolfzell. SWEG announced Wednesday that an emergency bus service has been set up. Buses will be used if the train is not running every hour. In any case, passengers must inform themselves in advance.

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What is the union?

It said in a statement on Tuesday that the end of the strike was still open. In the past few weeks, the GDL has repeatedly called for warning strikes and, after polling, a SWEG strike.

The wage struggle revolves around the fact that the German Train Drivers’ Union, according to their own data, wants to negotiate a wage agreement for more than 500 railway workers, not only for SBS, but for the entire SWEG group.

According to its federal president, Klaus Weselsky, the GDL does not want to tolerate unequal treatment of employees at SWEG and SBS. The group has a total of 1,800 employees.

SWEG wants to liquidate affiliates

However, SWEG does not want to take over former Abellio Rail Baden-Württemberg – today SBS – permanently. Abilio’s daughter ran into financial difficulties at the end of 2021. The company then acquired state-owned SWEG for an initial period of two years.

Europe-wide bidding for Stuttgart Networks, which is served by SBS, has now been re-tendered. It is divided into three groups. In the previous award, Deutsche Bahn also applied for the profitable tracks. However, it was subsequently disqualified due to an assignment error.