“New York times” Reports say that about 7-9 thousand people from Honduras arrived in Guatemala on Friday and Saturday. People. Earlier, soldiers tried to prevent migrants from entering the country. The immigrants plan to travel north to eventually reach the United States. As they explained to reporters, they have been forced to walk for a long time due to crime and poverty prevailing in Honduras, which has been exacerbated by pandemiê And two hurricanes last year.

Guatemalan officials say that many of the marchers did not provide the documents required to prove they were not infected with the Coronavirus. According to the Associated Press, Guatemala will try to block another march across the country, including sending migrants home by bus.

Mexican authorities have already tightened precautions at the southern border in anticipation of the arrival of the convoy.

Migrant convoy from Honduras

The rally is a reaction to comments by Joe Biden during the presidential campaign. President Then the electors promised to ease the immigration policy, which the Donald Trump administration had emphasized. Among other things, he announced that he would change the rules according to which immigrants must remain in Mexico until they are questioned by the immigration office. Joe Biden He also promised to facilitate the application for US citizenship.

Members of the future Joe Biden administration now say it will not be possible to open the borders overnight. They have declared that work on changing the bylaws will begin immediately when the new president takes office, but they warn that it could take months. They also point out that the additional coronavirus epidemic is making it difficult to open borders.