A container ship called Ever Given, registered in Panama, was sailing from chin To Rotterdam in the Netherlands. He closed the road to dozens of others ShipsThat is now trapped in corridors in both directions, he writes BBC.

Egypt. “It is the largest ship that ran aground in the Suez Canal at all.”

The ship’s owner, Ever Geffen, said the ship had been pushed off the ground Educational cycle By a gust of winds north of the port of Suez. The container ship blocked traffic on the canal. Several ships are already forming water stoppers on both sides, waiting for the crossing to open again. The Evergiven transformation process, which may require removing a large amount of sand, could take several days, according to cairo24.com. As a result, Egypt opened the oldest part of the canal to divert traffic there until the container ship was pulled out of the shallow waters. For now, locomotives have been deployed to try to move the ship.

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It is the largest ship ever to drift in the Suez Canal

Dr. Sal Mercogliano, a marine historian from United States of America. He added that such situations are rare, but they can have disastrous consequences for global trade.

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So far, there have been no reports of oil spills or other damage to the ship.

This is not the first time that the Suez Canal has been closed

The Suez Canal connects For free The Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea, which provides the shortest maritime connection between Asia and Europe. It is about 193 km long and includes three natural lakes. Ever Given isn’t the first ship to block this canal. In 2017, the Japanese container ship also ran aground Egyptian The BBC wrote that the authorities withdrew him within hours.